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The Happiness Test By Sophie Keller

Take the happiness test created by Happiness Expert Sophie Keller by answering the questions below.  Within a fortnight you will receive an indication of your level of happiness as well as some tips on how your happiness may be enhanced courtesy of            Sophie Keller.

Below are some statements about happiness. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by scoring        1 to 5.  

1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Somewhat disagree
3 = Neither agree nor disagree
4 = Somewhat agree
5 = Strongly agree

I am happy with who I am and who I am becoming

I have a strong sense of purpose and meaning in my life

I am active and look after all areas of my health

I am grateful for what I have

I can easily forgive others

I set meaningful and satisfying goals

I often take notice of where I am and how I feel

I think mostly positive thoughts

I am often absorbed in my work and lose track of time

I have positive feelings for most people

I know how to enjoy my life and have fun with others

I have a positive affect on others and surround myself with positive people

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