World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath


World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

World’s Most Expensive Christmas WreathWorld’s Most Expensive Christmas WreathWorld’s Most Expensive Christmas WreathWorld’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath
World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

VeryFirstTo exclusively presents the ultimate Christmas wreath. The stunning 138.83 carat piece is studded with over 40 diamonds and rubies, ranging from the star of the wreath - a Vivid Red 17.49 carat Ruby - through to a 3.03 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond. One of the Helleborus flower heads houses 22 loose diamonds totalling 2.64 carats.

The wreath itself is made up of the some of the most luxurious flowers and leaves in the world and is created by top Finnish Floral Designer and Director of Flor Unikon Flowers Pasi Jokinen-Carter who is in great demand across Europe. His client portfolio includes the Royal Households, Directors of successful corporations, select country clubs and galleries, plus Film and TV production houses. Pasi's gift for transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary has led him to work closely with Society hostesses to decorate gem encrusted tiaras and necklaces for their luxury collections.

The diamonds and rubies for the incredible wreath are provided by 77 Diamonds, who offer the world's largest selection of loose diamonds, some 300,000 or over 70% of the world's finest polished diamonds. With a passion for diamonds and jewellery that spans more than 80 years, they draw on a heritage going back four generations. All stones featured are independently certified.*

Precious stones are currently popular investment pieces.  All the stones in the Christmas wreath are removable and can be re attached to next year’s wreath. Alternatively, 77 Diamonds is offering the complimentary service of mounting them into an outstanding, bespoke designed piece of jewellery.

This 60cm wreath has been created using the finest of flower heads such as Helleborus for its elegant shape, deep blue Hedera berries with a variety of lush greenery including Laurus, Lingonberry and Blueberry stems sourced from Flor Unikon’s country house in Finland - as they are not commercially available in the UK - Nobilis for its richness in texture, Thuja a contrasting green, Vaccinium Myrtillus stems and hand-curled Eucalyptus leaves to complement and hold the precious stones.

A donation of £1000 will be made to The Prince’s Trust for each wreath purchased.

All images of the wreath by Suzanne Mitchell Photography.


77 Diamonds has a selection of over 300,000 natural diamonds set in jewellery that is made to measure to exact requirements. It offers a bespoke personalised service paired with competitive prices. One can visit the renowned Mayfair showroom to be guided through the largest selection of independently verified diamonds.


Flor Unikon is a unique Scandinavian style flower shop in the design district of Clerkenwell. Made up of a highly creative team of London Florists with a passion for floristry and an excellent eye for detail. Their workshop is a magical environment where they create bouquets, floral installations and designs for major events such as art exhibitions, fashion and television advertising agencies, and film and theatre productions.



Round 4.01 E IF GIA
Oval 5.01 D IF GIA
Asscher 4.02 E VS1 GIA
Round 4.00 E VVS1 GIA
Round 2.50 E IF GIA
Round 2.51 E IF GIA
Round 1.30 D VVS1 GIA
Round 1.00 D IF GIA
Round 1.03 E IF GIA
Round 2.64 E/F VS *22 x Uncertified small diamonds
Cushion 3.03 FIY VS2 Fancy Intense Yellow GIA



Oval 17.49 Vivid Red GRS / Gubelin Mozambique no heat
Oval 6.07 Red GRS / Gubelin Mozambique no heat
Oval 6.02 Red GRS / Gubelin Mozambique no heat
Oval 9.34 Red GRS / C Dunaigre Burmese
Oval 7.54 Red GRS / C Dunaigre Burmese
Oval 7.45 Red GRS / C Dunaigre Burmese
Oval 7.45 Red GRS / C Dunaigre Burmese
Oval 6.04 Red GRS / C Dunaigre Burmese
Carbouchon 12.33 Red GRS Thai
Oval 4.92 Red GRS Thai
Oval 4.35 Red GRS Thai
Oval 4.45 Red GRS Thai
Oval 4.02 Red GRS Thai
Oval 3.93 Red GRS Thai
Oval 3.30 Red GRS Thai
Oval 3.08 Red GRS Thai