The Remarkable Ice & Mountains Adventure

The Remarkable Ice & Mountains Adventure

The Remarkable Ice & Mountains AdventureThe Remarkable Ice & Mountains AdventureThe Remarkable Ice & Mountains AdventureThe Remarkable Ice & Mountains AdventureThe Remarkable Ice & Mountains Adventure
The Remarkable Ice & Mountains Adventure

VeryFirstTo presents White Desert's remarkable trip for the time-strapped traveller ready to experience new horizons in luxury travel. In just 4 days, you will connect to Antarctica via private jet, marvel at the Wolf’s Fang peak rising 1,000m out of ice and stay at the truly exceptional Whichway Camp, the only camp of its kind in the world.

White Desert is the only company in the world to offer a Gulfstream private jet to access Antarctica. Sit back and relax as you cross hundreds of icebergs and pass into continuous sunshine.  Destination: Wolf’s Fang runway which sits beneath one of the most spectacular and iconic mountains on the entire continent. Once landed, a separate aircraft (the DC3 Basler) is used to fly to the extraordinary Drygalski mountain range. 

The Wolf’s Fang mountain range is like no other on earth. Kilometre high monoliths of rock rise vertically from the ice, creating a landscape that is simply breathtaking. You will spend the day amongst these giants, with expert guides accompanying you every step of the way. That evening, it is a short flight of only 25 minutes to White Desert’s luxury camp – Whichaway.

There is no comparable residence to Whichaway camp. It features six state-of-the-art sleeping pods that are heated and designed for two people in each. At just over 6m in diameter, they are also spacious, with a writing desk, wash area and toilet. For guests travelling separately, the room can be partitioned for privacy. The rest of the camp comprises a shower pod, kitchen and three centralised pods that make up the reception, lounge and dining room. While the exterior is made from cutting edge materials, the interior has an old-world feel with rich features. Here you can relax, enjoy the fantastic food from the award-winning chef and take things easy.

With only 12 clients on each adventure and professional polar explorers as your guides, time on the ice can be tailored to each individual. From gentle treks and picnics overlooking the ice waves, to more adrenaline-fuelled activities, such as kite-skiing and ice climbing.


$32,000.00 / £24,954.00 / €28,168.00 per person


Safety briefing in Cape Town.
Return transfers for Antarctica flights.
Return flight to Antarctica
All accommodation, food and drink in Antarctica
All guiding fees/ support of field guides and logistics staff
The use of certain items of polar clothing
Payment by White Desert of a ‘Carbo Tax’ for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel


Commercial flights to and from Cape Town
Accommodation and meals whilst in Cape Town
Polar clothing
Comprehensive insurance cover
Additional expenses incurred in Cape Town resulting from delays
Costs for use of satellite phone in Antarctica

Exchange rates are indicative