Babooshka Boo // The Art Lovers Dream Trip

The Art Lovers Dream Trip - 12 global locations that inspired masterpieces and a Babooshka Boo scarf to wear at each

The Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream TripThe Art Lovers Dream Trip
The Art Lovers Dream Trip

VeryFirstTo presents the ultimate art lovers trip, with boutique scarf brand Babooshka Boo. The month-long luxurious six-country tour will take you to the locations that inspired 12 masterpieces by artists including Cézanne, Monet, Turner, Gaugain, Renoir, Hockney and Seurat.

You will receive 6 Babooshka Boo scarves, the exquisite designs of which are also inspired by settings around the world, one for each country. Vesna Milinkovic, owner of Babooshka Boo, is a designer and artist. Her works have been displayed at the Royal Academy. Many of the scarf designs are hand painted, photographed and worked digitally onto the scarves.

The trip starts in London, England where the you will visit Westminster, the location of Turner’s famous revolutionary impressionist masterpiece depicting the burning of the Houses of Parliament. Then off to Yorkshire where David Hockney created the bold and vibrant ‘Garrowby Hill’.

Many of the locations on the agenda are in France. Monet painted his famous ‘Water Lilies’ Series in Giverny, one of which, ‘Nympheaus 1907’ was recently sold for $24m. You will also visit the picturesque town of Collioure where Matisse painted the beautiful ‘Collioure’.  Paris, an inspiration to various Masters, of course features.  Renoir created the iconic ‘La Grenouillere’ on the Seine; and perhaps most the most famous example of pointillism, Seurat’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte’ at the gates of Paris is on the itinerary.

You will also travel through Italy taking in both Venice and Lake Guarda, the inspiration for Canaletto’s ‘The Molo and The Piazetta San Marco’ and Klimt’s ‘Church in Cassone’.

Like Gauguin they too will journey to Tahiti. He went in search of new, exotic motifs and the couple on the tour will be able to discover what he found when he escaped “European civilization”. He once said of his Tahitian paintings that he had been "eager to suggest a luxurious and untamed nature, a tropical sun that sets aglow everything around it...the equivalent of the grandeur, depth, and mystery of Tahiti when it must be expressed in one square meter of canvas."

The global trip also takes you to Japan, where a visit to Mount Fuji will allow you to see the landscape that inspired one of the best-known pieces of Japanese Art – Hokusai’s 'The Great Wave’.

The exceptional trip is organised by luxury travel specialist, Hurlingham Travel, which has just been shortlisted for The Luxury Travel Agency of The Year Award.


The cost includes organisation of travel (Business Class), airport transfers, and accommodation (Junior Suites where available).

Visiting the inspiration of different or other masterpieces can be arranged (and estimated for). The order in which the locations are visited can be altered to suit the travellers needs.

A donation of £1000 will be made to The Prince’s Trust charity should the trip be purchased.


Monet, Water Lillies Series, Giverny, France
Matisse, Collioure, Collioure, France
Cézanne, Mountains Sainte Victoire, Mountain Sainte Victoire, France
Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte, Paris, France
Renoir, La Grenouillere, Paris, France
(Giovanni Antonio Canal) Canaletto, The Molo and the Piazzetta San Marco, Venice, Italy
Klimt, Church is Cassone, Lake Garda, Italy
Turner, Burning Of The Houses Of Parliament, London, England
David Hockney, Garrowby Hill, Yorkshire, England
Gaugain, Tahitian Landscape, Tahiti
Klee, Temple Gardens, Tunisia
Hokusai, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (The Wave), Mount Fuji, Japan


Amazoni: £125
Annabelle: £235
Anais Ink: £145
Cheyenne: £145
Ophelia Ebony: £185
Ophelia Rose: £185


Babooshka Boo is a UK luxury design boutique scarf brand with a passion for epicurean delights. Delicious avant-garde prints meet luxury yarns silk and cashmere in Limited Edition designer accessories.

With parts of each collection being lovingly made in the UK by über-talented local makers, the company believes in supporting homegrown creativity, while the packaging is 100% sustainable.

Babooshka Boo creates accessories inspired by contemporary art for today's art and fashion lover.

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