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Mother Nature's Miracles Tour Celebrating Mother's Day

Mother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles TourMother Nature’s Miracles Tour
Mother Nature’s Miracles Tour

VeryFirstTo exclusively presents the ultimate Mother’s Day tour – witnessing the miracle of motherhood amongst some of Mother Nature’s most magnificent animals in exquisite scenery around the globe.

Why not take your mum on an unprecedented trip experiencing the unparalleled beauty of a wide variety of wild animals interacting with their young across the world?

The magnificent trip begins with Humpback whale watching in the Dominican Republic. The sanctuary here allows you to get up-close to the stunning Humpback whales in an alluring waterscape. It is then off to the Galapagos Islands where you will see the legendary Green Sea Turtles and Iguanas whilst staying in the most sustainable and luxurious accommodation in the Galapagos, Pikai Lodge.

From there you make your way to sunny Florida to stay in hotel to the stars, the Setai in South Beach and take a trip to the world’s most famous swampland, the Everglades. First, you will see the very cute and deceptively large Manatees (often referred to as Sea Cows) and their babies in a sanctuary and then visit Billie’s Swamp Safari to see crocodiles and alligators with their young in a sanctuary. Afterwards you will embark on a fabulous airboat ride (made famous by Flipper, the iconic dolphin) where it is likely you will see wild alligators and crocs.

Other highlights of the tour include you seeing Canada’s national animal, the beaver, in Alberta and watching both young and old beavering away building damns and structures. Tracking Nepalese Tigers and Rhino nursing their young at the Chitwan National Park in Nepal (which will also afford you access to a host of other stunning wildlife) and seeing the indescribable scene of a swirling blanket of pink courtesy of the collection of flamingos and their paler chicks at Walvis Bay in Namibia.

The three week Mother Nature’s Miracles Tour is organised by luxury travel company Hurlingham Travel.

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The cost covers two people
The 21 night tour can be taken at anytime. If any destination is out of season for that period, it will be replaced by another.

Accommodation Itinerary:

Dominican Republic (3 Nights)
Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences
Samana day trip

Overnight in Quito (1 Night)

Galapagos (4 Nights)
Pikaia Lodge
Day trip

Florida (3 Nights)
The Setai
Everglades day trip

Canada (3 Nights)
Fairmont Banff Springs
Day trip
(Overnight flight)

Nepal (3 Nights)
Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu
Day trip  

Namibia (3 Nights)
Windhoek (overnight) The Olive Hotel
Walvis Bay - Guest House/Local Hotel
Day trip

Single person occupancy is available but will carry a single person supplement. The trip includes Private Trips, Business Class flights (where available), Junior Suites (where available) activities, transfers and taxes.

Exchange rates are an indication.

*Due to the global nature of the trip and the natural aspect, we do not guarantee the sighting of animals in national parks or the wild. Whilst the intended programme is shown, it is subject to change for your safety.


Exchange rates are indicative