Naomi Jacques // ’T’ Cup (ii)

Naomi Jacques // ’T’ Cup (ii)

’T’ Cup (ii)’T’ Cup (ii)
’T’ Cup (ii)

Sculptural glass vessel created using Bullseye clear transparent glass frits. Naomi Jacques has refined her process and methods in order to create delicate and precious forms that support themselves showing fragility and strength in an individual way. Naomi’s process is individual to herself and her practice no two pieces of work will ever be the same. ’T’Cup (ii)’ has been created using grade 5 bullseye clear transparent glass frits fused together to create a whole piece of one of a kind glass sculpture. Beautiful to admire and hold, ’T’Cup (ii)’ is tactile and delicate.

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Naomi has a bloodline of death-defying luck and courage. She believes that fate and determination are deeply rooted traits and has, without a doubt, led her to where she is today. Naomi, recently commended by the Contemporary Glass Society, has been accepted as a Licentiate Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and resides with her partner and three children in the traditional pottery county of Staffordshire. 


Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist along with care instructions.
Weight 709g




Diameter: 8cm
Height: 5cm
Weight: 100g approx.

Please note that you are investing in talented designers at the beginning of their journey to what we believe could be significant global design status. This means that you will not only be amongst the very first to own their debut work, but the item may contain imperfections (which may well add to its special nature).

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