Ruiqi Dai // Stackable Bowls

Ruiqi Dai // Stackable Bowls

Stackable BowlsStackable BowlsStackable Bowls
Stackable Bowls

Through years of practice, Ruiqi Dai has been trying to fuse artistry with functionality. The colour of these two stackable bowls are inspired by the sky as light and dark transfer through the rotation of the earth. Also, the male and female joints allow the bowls to be stacked precisely.

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Delivery inside the UK:           £7
                                                 3 to 5 working days

Delivery oustide of the UK:   £15
                                                 5 to 7 working days

Originally from China, Ruiqi Dai studied Three Dimensional Design in the University of the Arts London where she found her passion for ceramcs. During this period, she was studying under the Chinese national skill master Shaolin Zhan in the porcelain city of China. And now, she is establishing herself as a ceramic designer in London as a ceramic designer in London under her business name of Charlotte Tai.


Airbrush underglaze




When stacked: Height:280mm Width:90mm

Seperately: Wine cup: Height: 65mm // Width: 44mm

Please note that you are investing in talented designers at the beginning of their journey to what we believe could be significant global design status. This means that you will not only be amongst the very first to own their debut work, but the item may contain imperfections (which may well add to its special nature).

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