Dovile Grigaliunaite // Life Gravity Lamps

Dovile Grigaliunaite // Life Gravity Lamps

Life Gravity LampsLife Gravity LampsLife Gravity LampsLife Gravity LampsLife Gravity LampsLife Gravity LampsLife Gravity Lamps
Life Gravity Lamps

This project is an installation, made of six pieces (two groups of three). Each piece has a light in the centre. It symbolizes the beginning of life in protective but fragile body. Thus, both bodies dance in the same celebrative movement as if they are both truly connected. The free glass blowing (without molds) method allows the translation of the qualities of material in the shape. This connects the traditional techniques with the modern appearance in a new contemporary context.

Dovile Grigaliunaite gratuated from Demontford University Leicester and is a designer, maker and artist who specialises in glass blowing. Dovile is passionate about learning and researching new fields of making technologies. Different materials makes Dovile curious in the way they work together; they create beautiful contrasts and complete each other solving the design issues. The performance of hot glass, as a raw form, is important to Dovile. Especially at the molten stage when gravity influences the shape, in this case, organic movements express the power and drama of everyday life. Dovile sees this connection of traditional techniques in a new modern context.


Made in the UK

Delivery cost in the UK: £30
                                         2 days

Rest of World: £44-150
                         1-2 days


Soda-lime-silica glass


100cm x 30cm x 4cm

Exchange rates are indicative