Connor Holland // Geodesic Dome Table

Connor Holland // Geodesic Dome Table

Geodesic Dome TableGeodesic Dome TableGeodesic Dome TableGeodesic Dome Table
Geodesic Dome Table

Inspired by the pioneering work of Buckminster Fuller, the Geodesic Dome Table brings the futuristic aesthetics and structural efficiency of Geodesic architecture into furniture design. This exceptional centre table provides a striking visual statement for any modern interior, public or domestic, and is suited to many styles from contemporary to industrial.

Connor Holland is an independent designer who has adopted the ‘Thinking through Making’ ethos of Kingston University, to develop ideas through prototyping with process and material exploration. His goal is to discover the innovative forms and benefits of new manufacturing techniques, then apply them to traditional product archetypes, thus creating bespoke 21st century designs for limited-edition or batch production.


Unique contemporary design
Made in the UK

Delivery to the UK:  £100
                                 7-14 working days

Rest of the World: £100-300
                                7-21 working days


Copper, Brass fixings, Toughened Glass


Height: 48cm, Dome Diameter: 80cm, Top Diameter: 105cm

Please note that you are investing in talented designers at the beginning of their journey to what we believe could be significant global design status. This means that you will not only be amongst the very first to own their debut work, but the item may contain imperfections (which may well add to its special nature).

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