Knotch Design // 1:7 Coffee Table

Knotch Design // 1:7 Coffee Table

1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table1:7 Coffee Table
1:7 Coffee Table

A small waney-edged, visually striking coffee table constructed using 1:7 ratio dovetail joints, available in a choice of woods.

The small coffee table is made by hand from a waney-edge board of English 'pippy' Oak, with Padouk corner inserts and butterfly keys. Knotch Design wanted to explore the juxtaposition of the organic shapes and curves of the timber against the sharp, crisp lines formed by the angled, mitred-dovetailed corners. The dovetails are laid out using a ratio of 1:7 (for the angles of the tails) and the 'golden ratio' for proportions. They carried these principles through every aspect of the design from the angles of the leg sections in both the vertical and horizontal planes and the height/length proportions, in so far as the natural shape of the waney edge would allow.

Knotch Design was founded by Benjamin Hooper & Noah Kay. Their paths first crossed upon enrolling at the Building Crafts College in East London to study on the fine woodwork diploma. They arrived at furniture making from two very different backgrounds; Ben spent the last 15 years as a musician; writing, recording, producing and teaching music technology when the opportunity presented itself for Ben to pursue a change of career involving another love of his, woodwork. Noah originally started a degree in architecture having previously studied art, design and music at school and college. They spent the last few years travelling, volunteering, exploring the world and dabbling in blacksmithing which eventually led to woodwork. They have a shared interest in mastering the highly skilled physical craft of being makers and are deeply stimulated by the creative and intellectual challenge of design.


Exact item pictured is not for sale
Tables will be made to order
Choice of timbers available
Writing desk version coming soon

Delivery to the UK:  £40
                                  2-4 working days

Rest of the World:  £100
                                 7-10 working days


Any timber bearing the ‘Grown in Britain’ certificate.


Length - 710mm at mid-point (varies according to timber selection)
Width - 300mm approx. (varies according to timber selection)
Height - 430mm

Please note that you are investing in talented designers at the beginning of their journey to what we believe could be significant global design status. This means that you will not only be amongst the very first to own their debut work, but the item may contain imperfections (which may well add to its special nature).

Exchange rates are indicative