AENEA // Earring Green Tourmaline 7.54Cts

AENEA // Earring Green Tourmaline 7.54Cts

Earring Green Tourmaline 7.54Cts
Earring Green Tourmaline 7.54Cts

VeryFirstTo exclusively introduces the latest items from Austria’s luxe jewellery innovator AENEA. These pieces unveil new additions to the signature Sarpa Collection, featuring serpentine figures sculpted in gold, platinum or palladium and decorated with a rainbow of extraordinary gems like amethysts, tourmalines, rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

"Soon it will be spring, and this is when creatures start to come out of hibernation and get frisky.  So we think it’s a good time of year to show our Sarpa Collection, with its alluring snake designs”, says Costan Eghiazarian, founder and creative director of AENEA Jewellery.

“The snake motif means a lot to us at AENEA, so not only do we use it in the Sarpa Collection but it’s also in our logo.  Snakes are mysterious, a bit naughty, sensual. When they move, they flow, rather like the glowing, precious metal from which our designs are forged. Jewellery lovers seem to like this motif as much as we do”, says Mr. Eghiazarian.

Named after the Greek verb ‘to praise’, AENEA is devoted to the celebration of life and love through the lasting pleasures of great jewellery. AENEA designs combine contemporary Austrian flair with the utmost craftsmanship.  AENEA Jewellery is backed by veteran makers of high-end jewellery with a major workshop and large gemstone sourcing operation, providing pieces of exceptionally high quality for investment, gifting and enjoyment.

Some traditions revere the serpent, as a guardian figure, an emblem of safety. Others see it as evil, a symbol of temptation. Take refuge in desire, and you can have it both ways.



18k Pink Gold
White Diamonds : 0.79Cts
Green Tourmalines: 7.54CtS

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